Tenants Happy with Improvements To Services


May 2017

Osprey Housing has carried out its most wide ranging survey yet to gauge tenant satisfaction. The organisation scored highly in every category and is ahead of the Scottish average in most areas that are measured across the country.

The Westhill based housing association changed its methodology this year, ditching large scale postal surveys, which historically produced a low response rate. This time staff and tenants association representatives visited tenants at a variety of developments across the areas in which Osprey operates and also carried out extensive phone surveys.

Osprey Executive Director, Glenn Adcook, said:

“This was a much more effective and meaningful way to engage with our tenants and to get valuable feedback on our performance. Crucially, the approach we took this time ensured representatives of our Tenants Association were also involved in carrying out the survey process – this illustrates our continuing commitment to putting tenants at the heart of everything we do. The responses we’ve had will be factored into future service improvements and we’re very grateful to all those who took the time to provide feedback on our services.”

“We’re delighted with the outcome and will continue to provide the best possible service to tenants. The results have highlighted a couple of issues for us to work on and these include the management of common areas and open spaces.”

Results showed overall satisfaction with Osprey’s performance hit 90%, up from last year’s level of 72%. Communication also scored highly with 96% of tenants satisfied that the organisation was keeping them informed and 83% feeling that they had the opportunity to participate, a vast improvement on the previous year’s figure of 57%. Quality of home (87%) and management of the neighbourhood (85%) also scored well and showed marked improvements on the 2016 returns.

Mr Adcook added:

“We improved in every category and I’m particularly pleased that our tenants feel they can participate and engage with us. It’s very pleasing indeed that our satisfaction ratings are so high.”

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