Dogs Trust Campaign

May 2018

The Dogs Trust Campaign subsidised neutering scheme aims to ensure neutering is an affordable option for owners with dogs most at risk of producing unwanted litters and to support stray kennels in their rehoming efforts.

Neutering is a simple operation with a host of benefits including: reducing the risk of some cancers, preventing unwanted puppies, improving the overall health of your dog, reduction in behavioural issues such as scent marking and straying and increasing the longevity of dogs.

In the first instance dog owners can be referred to the £35 vet scheme which is available for dog owners on means tested benefits for selected breeds. There are quite a few vets signed up across Scotland all of which can be found on our website

They also have vouchers that can be issued where a dog is deemed to be at risk (e.g. is being used as a status dog or at risk of being bred with another entire dog in the same household). The vouchers are limited and can be issued regardless of breed or benefit status. If you are aware of dog owners who would benefit from a subsidised voucher you can either ask them to contact Dogs Trust directly or call 01417 735154. You will need to explain the situation in full. All decisions regarding these situations will be made on a case by case basis.

Collar & Tag

This year they are promoting the requirement for all dogs to wear an identification collar or tag, inscribed with the owners name and home address, whenever they are in a public place. Unfortunately, since the introduction of compulsory micro chipping many dog owners are unaware that they also need a collar and tag. Last year at our responsible dog ownership road shows we discovered that a shocking 72% of dogs had no ID tag.

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