Our Partners

Osprey Housing provides factoring and management services to other organisations to provide a range of housing options in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray. AHP entered into a constitutional partnership with Moray Housing Partnership (MHP) in January 2013 when MHP became a subsidiary of AHP. In 2016, the group re-branded and from 1 April 2021 we consolidated the previously distinct parts of the Group to form a single entity, establishing an organisational model that makes us stronger, more secure and will help us to deliver more and better homes with improved services for our tenants and customers.

We work very closely on a range of both operational and strategic matters with the three local authorities in the area - AberdeenAberdeenshire and The Moray Council.

Aberdeen Soroptimist Housing Society

Aberdeen Soroptimist Housing Society is are a local RSL organisation of charitable status. Osprey is are the managing agent for their scheme at Beechgrove Terrace in Aberdeen City fulfilling the role as their housing services provider.

For more information please visit the Aberdeen Soroptimist Housing Society page.