Warm Homes Discount

August 2013

The past few severe winters show that it can be cheaper to order your heating oil before the cold weather sets in. Suppliers often have spare delivery capacity therefore your oil maybe cheaper to buy.

It may be worth considering ordering you oil before its starts to get cold.

Buying heating oil as soon as possible before the weather starts to get really cold can mean a cost saving when demand is low and also means householders are guaranteed fuel during the coldest months.

Shop around the oil delivery companies in your area for the best deal. Ask your neighbhours if they need oil too and negotiate a delivery discount.

Some households with a low income can claim a £135 discount on their electricity bills. To check if you may qualify for a Warm Homes Discount please visit The Warm Home Discount Scheme web site for details.

The Warm Homes Discount Scheme 2013/14 may close at short notice to avoid disappointment please apply without delay.

For more help and advice on how to save money on your fuel bills contact Elaine Blane Housing Energy Advice Officer on 01224 548013

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