House Exchange Mobile Application

August 2013

House Exchange have launched a mobile app which enables users to access the site on their mobile phone.

You can access the app by opening this page on your device and clicking here.

1) Installing the App:

To move it from being simply a web page to have it load from your home or start screen you will need to follow different procedures on different phones. The instruction below are correct as far as we know but as things change very quickly you may need to investigate the exact procedure for your phone.

iPhone (Safari)
On the browser status bar at the bottom of the screen tap the central bookmark icon (an arrow coming out of a small rectangle) and choose 'Add to Home Screen'. This will add the House Exchange App icon to your home screen in the first available position.

Android (Chrome)
Depending on which version of Android you use, you will either need to:

  • Click on the menu icon below your display.
  • Choose the 'More' option.
  • Choose 'Add to home screen' option.
  • Click 'Return'.

Alternatively you may need to:

  • Click on 'Menu' below your phone's screen.
  • Click 'Add bookmark'.
  • Click 'Add'.
  • Click on 'Home' icon below your phone's screen.
  • Find an empty section of your home screen.
  • Press until a window appears.
  • Choose 'Shortcut'.
  • Choose 'Bookmark'.
  • Choose 'House Exchange'.

You will now have a House Exchange App icon on your home screen.

Blackberry (Blackberry Browser)
On newer Blackberry models use the following:

  • Press the 'Menu' key.
  • Then 'Add to home screen'.
  • Choose name and location.
  • Click 'Add' to finish.

You will now have a House Exchange App icon on your home screen.

Windows (Internet Explorer)
Pinning a web App creates a tile on your Start screen, giving you one-touch access to that site. Some pinned sites will show notifications, so you know when new content is available.

You can pin as many sites as you like, and organize them into easy-to-manage groups.

From the Address bar, tap or click 'Pin site', and then tap or click 'Pin to Start' to add the House Exchange App icon on your start screen.

2) Using the App:

Signing in
When you first load the App you will be shown a Sign In screen. Sign in with your normal user ID and password. After signing in you will be shown the Home screen, there are 5 choices, 2 searches, view favourites, view nudges and a link to the full website. You can get back to this screen at any time by using the Home button at the bottom of all the screens in the App, you can always view your landlords contact details as well using the Contact button.

The system will remember your sign in details automatically and the next time you start the App should go directly to the Home screen. If you want to not have the App open automatically you should use the Log Out button at the top of the Home screen before closing the App.

Favourites and Nudges
These are lists of the properties already in the main site and are there to allow you to review your favourites and any new nudges. They are displayed as a list containing up to 20 items per page with navigation buttons at the bottom of the list and an indicator at the top right showing the current page number.

Detail and Map screens
If you have Favourites or Nudges this is a good place to start. Selecting any item from the List screen will take you to a Detail screen. This shows basic property information and a picture if there is one. Under the picture there will be one or more dots, the number of dots indicates how many images there are. To see further pictures simply swipe sideways (L - R), to go back just swipe the other way.

Under the picture are 3 slide out panels for Detail (defaults to open), Contact and Looking For. At the top of the screen is a Done button to get back to the List and a Map button to see an interactive map of where the property is located. The Map screen also has a Done button to go back to the Detail screen.

From the Home screen select Search using current settings this will produce a Results List of your current direct matches, remember to scroll to the bottom and choose Next or Prev, to navigate to other pages. The App can load a maximum of 5 pages and so it is limited to the first 100 results. The search carried out is a direct match based on your first search target from the main site to provide location, radius, property type(s) and bedrooms.

Choosing any property from the Results List will display the same Detail screen as before and a following Map screen. The List, Detail and Map screens are common across Search, Favourites and Nudges.

On the top of the Results List is a Filter button, this takes you to the Filter screen where you can modify the search location, radius, property types and bedrooms. These temporary changes won't affect any settings in the main site. The Filter screen is also the place you come to if you choose the remaining option on the Home screen, Search from new location.

The Filter screen has a Search button at the top, which re-runs the search with any new data you've changed and displays a new Results List. There are 3 options to change the search location, the default is to use the value held in the main site, the second is to use your phones current location and finally you can enter a postcode. To use the phones location you will need to confirm you happy for the App to access location data from the phone.

All of the search location settings together with the radius, property type and number of beds all require their individual Set buttons to be pressed when you change them. You can't change several things and then press just one 'Set' button, each needs to be done individually. Once you have made any filter changes simply press Search to get a new Results List.

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