Keeping Your Home Safe From Fire


June 2017

The terrible and tragic fire that engulfed Grenfell Tower in London this week has undoubtedly increased the focus on fire safety in all types of housing. We therefore wish to reassure all our tenants that the Osprey Housing Group in common with other Landlords is undertaking further reviews of fire safety within our housing stock.

Fire safety is of the utmost importance to us, so we will be working with OTRA, our tenants and residents association, and other professionals to ensure we can fully demonstrate the robustness of our fire safety measures and address any immediate concerns our tenants may have.

In the meantime we thought it would also help to emphasise some basic advice on fire safety measures in the home and to urge all tenants to take advantage of the advice and guidance provided by the Scottish Fire and Rescue’s (SFRS). In this respect please visit the SFRS website where you can access a lot more information.

In particular Osprey and the Fire Service ask that tenants and residents in blocks of flats with communal access arrangements to play a part in fire safety:

  • No refuse bags, combustible materials or items of furniture should be stored in common areas such as stairways, corridors or drying rooms.
  • Common stairs, passageways and landing areas should be kept clear at all times – do not leave items such as bikes and buggies in these common areas as they can hinder escape from the building.
  • If you see damage to any fire safety features please report it immediately.
  • Most doors in common areas are fire resisting and fitted with self-closing devices and should never be wedged open.
  • Bin rooms and access doors to the building should be kept secure
  • Smoke alarms in your home will alert you if a fire breaks out.
  • You should never:
    • Try to disconnect your alarm
    • Remove it
    • Paint over it
  • There should be no gas cylinders, flammable liquids or fuels stored or used within your home.
  • Emergency vehicle parking areas should be kept clear to allow firefighters access to fire hydrants and to the building quickly, in the event of fire.

For further information on fire safety or a fire safety home visit

Please take time now to think about your escape route in the event of a fire and make sure that everyone who lives with you knows what to do.


Unfortunately, fires and other accidents do happen.

We all think such things will not happen to us – sometimes they do!

Dealing with fire and smoke damage can cost a lot of money, especially if you aren’t insured.

If the worst does happen then the financial burden can be eased if you are adequately insured. For details of a Home Contents Policy designed for Housing Association tenants contact Thistle Tenant Risk on 0345 450 7286 or visit their website The policy is affordable and can save a lot of expense and heartache.

Please try to follow the basic safety advice we have provided along with other Public Safety advice on Fire Prevention.

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