Motivation Christmas Donation

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January 2009

Once again AHP staff decided to donate cash to a charity instead of sending cards to each other. A grand total of £60 was collected and a cheque sent to the chosen charity which was "Motivation". All staff who donated were asked to nominate a charity. Motivation was chosen to receive the 2008 donation.

Motivation is an international disability and development charity working in low-income countries to enhance the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities.
Their programmes aim to improve opportunities by positively impacting on disabled people's physical, social and economic situation to enable their full participation in society.

Mobility is an essential human right that enables people to achieve inclusion in all aspects of life. Motivation works in partnership with a range of organisations - from grassroots disability groups to national governments and international actors - to ensure that local people and organisations have the skills to meet the needs of disabled people in their communities and to affect positive lasting change.

"Motivation's work to transform the lives of people with mobility disabilities would not be possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of our supporters."

Richard Frost, Co-Founder/Executive Officer, Motivation

To view some of the projects see Motivation's web site

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