Proposed New Housing Partnership Approved By All Parties

December 2012

Over the recent months The Moray Housing Partnership has been working closely with The Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership to create a Constitutional Partnership.

The two Partnerships have grown from similar heritages and share similar values. In recent years the two Partnerships have already been doing joint work and it was agreed that creating a Constitutional Partnership at this time would create a stronger business model and enable the two Partnerships to be stronger in facing the challenges of the welfare reforms and tighter financial climate in the coming years. In establishing the Constitutional Partnership resources can be shared, including Executives Directors, enabling the tenants to receive services with a stronger best value ethos.

In October the Boards of each of the RSLs agreed to progress the Constitutional Partnership and the Business Case was submitted to the Scottish Housing Regulator. The consents of the SHR, the funders of MHP and AHP, the Dunfermline Building Society (MHP) and Lloyds Banking Group (AHP), have been given allowing the legal framework to take place.

All this is now in place and the Constitutional Partnership can now be put into action at the start of the New Year.

Barry Jarvis, the Chairperson of MHP, said “It is great that we are now are in a position to move forward positively. The past months have not been easy with all the changes which MHP has had but now the staff and tenants of both Partnerships will start feeling the benefits.”

“For AHP the creation of this Constitutional Partnership with MHP will enable all our staff to build on the steady progress we have been making to ensure that the quality of services to our tenants continues to be top of our priorities. With our joint resources we should be able to face the many changes coming forward with greater strength” Mike Scott, Chair of AHP added.


The two organisations will continue to be Housing Associations and registered with the Scottish Housing Regulator in their own right. Each Partnership will continue as employers of their own staff. Some staff will work across both Partnerships to create efficiencies.

The Executive Directors will be shared across the two Partnerships and these will be:

Colin Hawkins: Chief Executive
John Martin: Finance and Corporate Services Director
Glenn Adcook: Housing Services Director

Mike Scott will continue as Chair of Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership Barry Jarvis will continue as Chairperson of Moray Housing Partnership

Each Partnership will keep their own name and be based at the same offices. AHP will be the parent body and set the overall group strategy.

AHP owns 947 and manages a further 31 homes including The Aberdeen Soroptimist Housing Society Ltd and the National Housing Trust Initiative at Kingswells and works in Aberdeen and across Aberdeenshire.

MHP owns and manages 488 housing units and works across Moray.

The formal start date of the Constitutional Partnership will be January 1st 2013

For further information contact:

Colin Hawkins
T: 01224 548002

Owen Ingram
M: 07973 662743

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