Osprey Engaging Our Tenants


September 2018

Osprey are always developing new ways to make it easier for tenants to engage in our consultation processes - this year we are running a series of face to face events across Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray. We are aware not all tenants can come along, and by producing this short video abbreviating the presentation we hope that all tenants have access to learning more about Ospreys Business Plan and the process we go through when reviewing rents. After viewing the presentation we welcome you to share your views via a short three question survey.

Tenants views are very important to us and we welcome your feedback.

Have your say and get involved!

Tenant Engagement Feedback - September 2018

Following the presentation, do you feel you have a better understanding of the Business Planning process Osprey are engaged in?

Having an understanding of the Business Plan, do you support Ospreys proposal to increase rents by inflation only?


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