A New Name and a New Look - Osprey Takes Off


September 2016

We are delighted to share with you a real milestone in the history of our Group.

AHP and MHP have now become Osprey Housing and Osprey Housing Moray although in time we think we will simply become collectively recognised as “Osprey”. Our commercial subsidiary is already operating as "Osprey Initiatives"

The decision to do this was always about more than a new logo as it has real business and organisational significance. Of most importance is that coming together under a single primary brand was stimulated by recommendations of our Tenants Association who recognised the potential to improve value for money and the service offering to our wider tenants and customers.

We are developing our overall scope of operations and believe the new name and new look is an exciting and vital part of helping us refresh and reposition the Group as a key housing provider.

We have a new mission of "making a difference every day" so we would like to welcome you along for the flight as we start reaching new heights.

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