Osprey Tenant Report


October 2016

Osprey is pleased to present our 2015/16 Tenant Report for Osprey Housing and Osprey Housing Moray. We are publishing this as required by the Scottish Housing Regulator and to reflect our performance against the outcomes in the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

It is our great privilege to present this Tenant Report to you. You will be aware that both Osprey Housing and Osprey Housing Moray are governed by Governing Bodies made up of dedicated and committed volunteers who work hard to get the best for our tenants. The Governing Bodies take this responsibility very seriously and are striving to ensure good quality services to tenants and affordable improvements to your homes.

The report is intended to be straightforward; easy to understand and has been prepared in consultation with OTRA, our Tenants Association. We hope you find it helpful – please let us know if you have any comments or feedback.

Osprey Tenant Report (PDF)

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