Tenants and Residents Insurance

December 2014

Are You Ready For Winter?

With winter on its way, a rise in the number of home contents insurance claims can be seen as an increasing number of people worry about the effects of severe weather on their properties such as storm damage and flooding. Also with nights getting darker, the risk of burglaries increases during the winter months. However one of the biggest dangers of winter to the home is frozen pipes, which can burst and when thawed, can flood your home.

This type of cover has been designed to help tenants and residents insure many of their belongings against burst pipes and water damage, as well as theft, vandalism and fire, for the coming winter.

If you are looking to arrange home contents insurance cover before the winter arrives, please call 0845 601 7007 or 01628 586 187.

For more information have a look at the Thistle website www.thistletenants-scotland.co.uk,email at tenantscontents@jltgroup.com or download the Tenants Responsibility pdf

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