New Tenant Scrutiny Project

June 2015

The MAHPTA (Moray and Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership Tenants association) Tenant Scrutiny Panel has embarked upon its next scrutiny project. The panel is undertaking a detailed scrutiny of the standards applied to the condition of AHP and MHP’s properties when they are deemed ready to let to new tenants. The scrutiny process will involve the Panel going and looking at empty properties and taking a view on what kind of standards are reasonable to expect new tenants to move into.
In addition the Panel will consider the process and procedures used by AHP to determine lettable standards along with what kind of balance should be struck between length of time it takes to make a property ready for relating; standard to be achieved and potential rent loss while it is empty. When the Panel has completed its evaluation it will submit a report to the AHP Management team making specific recommendations particularly reflecting the expectations of the Scottish Social Housing Charter.
This is another example of the close working that is developing between AHP/MHP and the Tenants Scrutiny Panel to try and provide service improvements and achieve best value for money.

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