Important - Notification of Rents and Service Charges for 2016/17

February 2016

Letters notifying all tenants of the rents and service charges for 2016/17 will be sent out W/C the 29th of February 2016.

During January 2016 we undertook an extensive rent and service charge consultation process with all our tenants, seeking views on the proposed rent increase for 2016/17. We very much welcomed the feedback we received from those tenants who responded, and these comments have been taken into account when reaching a decision regarding the rent increase. We are responding individually to all tenants who sent us their views and comments.

After careful consideration of the latest annual budget review and following extensive consultation with the Tenants Association (MAHPTA), the Governing Body remains of the view that a 2.5% increase should be applied for 2016/17. We are pleased to say that this is the lowest increase in the last 7 years. It is also important to say this is the minimum increase required to ensure continuity of services provided to our tenants; that we have proper provision for repairs and that we can meet our financial obligations as they fall due.

We have also undertaken a major review of how we provide additional services for which separate service charges are applied. Our review process has achieved efficiencies in many of our locations and, in particular for landscape/open space maintenance. In view of this we are pleased to say that in the majority of our developments, where such service charges apply, the charges will be either frozen or in some cases reduced for 2016/17.

Please read your individual notification of rent and service charges (where applicable) carefully and bear in mind as you are required to make payments in advance. The first payment of your revised rent and service charge (where applicable) should be made on 1st April 2016, and on the first of each month thereafter.

Further Information

We do recognise that any rent increase can create unwelcome pressures on household budgets. We do wish to emphasise that if you do have any concerns about the possibility of the rent increase causing financial difficulty please let us know, we will do everything we can to provide advice and support. For any tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit the letter contains specific further advice including the importance of checking the Council makes the necessary change to your claim.

If you have any queries about your rent or the letter sent to you please contact us on 01224 548000 or e-mail

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