Your Response to the Rent Consultation – What we did.

March 2016

We would like to thank all those tenants who responded to the rent consultation we undertook in January. We always welcome feedback from our tenants especially in relation to very important issues such as rent increases.

While the overall response from tenants was fairly modest (between 3-4% sent us feedback) the staff team and indeed the Governing bodies of both AHP and MHP did take account of all comments received before finalising their decisions about the new rent level for 2016/17.

All tenants who responded to the consultation with views and comments received an acknowledgement. Staff  have subsequently been making contact with tenants who raised specific issues or concerns in order to help explain further the reasons behind the rent increase and/or deal with any concerns relating to service levels; repairs or other matters.

Please be re assured we do listen and, where we are able to do so we do act.

In response to concerns about service charges we have for the majority of tenants been able to reduce or freeze these charges; where issues about replacement components in the home have been raised we are assessing these against our life cycle component replacement programme; if repairs have been reported and remain outstanding we have been chasing these up. Finally, we are responding to a couple of enquiries about the costs of our proposed name change by agreeing with MAHPTA (your Tenant’s Association) a proposal to publish on the website relevant information on budgeted costs; how it will benefit the Group and illustrate how it will not impose added costs to tenants.

If you would like to discuss anything further with us please get in touch by emailing or calling 01224 548005

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