Making a claim for Universal Credit?

March 2016

Please contact us prior to your first appointment with Jobcentre so we can provide you with all the relevant paperwork for you to claim housing costs. This will avoid any delay in processing your claim.

Claiming Universal Credit  means you will no longer receive Housing Benefit to help pay your rent. Any help you are entitled to will be paid as part of your monthly Universal Credit. You must ensure that you have applied for housing costs and provided up to date proof of your rent.

You are now responsible for full payment of your rent and services charges each month when you receive your Universal Credit payment.

If the amount of housing costs you receive does not cover the full amount of rent you have to pay you will have to pay the difference from your own income. In some cases additional help can be applied for from your local Council through Discretionary Housing Payment if you can show financial hardship or are under occupying your home. Any payment you receive will also have to be paid by you towards your rent.

Failure to pay all your rent each month and reduce your arrears may result in you losing your home. If you need more help to set up an arrangement to repay your rent and arrears or you need further assistance to sort out your housing costs contact your Housing Officer at your local office.

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