Making a claim for Universal Credit – Information you will require

May 2018

Check you have everything you need to apply before you apply for Universal Credit, you’ll need to gather some information together. This will help make sure you only have to do the application once, and help you to get Universal Credit as quickly as possible if you’re eligible.

Don’t start your application until you have all of the following details for

  • your postcode
  • your NI number - you can find this on a payslip or letter from HMRC -call the helpline on 0300 200 3500 (textphone 0300 200 3519) if you can’t find it
  • details of your bank, building society or credit union account (if you don’t have a bank account, you’ll need to open one or use simple payment (
  • the type of accommodation you have, eg private rent, council tenant, or housing association tenant - make sure you check this before you apply
  • how much rent you pay - this can be found on your rent agreement, ask your landlord for a copy if you don’t have one
  • your landlord’s address - this can be found on your rent agreement, ask your landlord for a copy if you don’t have one
  • your landlord's phone number details of any savings you have and any other ‘capital’ investments, eg shares or property that you don’t live in
  • details of any income that’s not from work, eg from a pension or insurance plan
  • details of any other benefits you’re getting, ie what benefit and how much you get
  • details of how much you earn from work, eg recent payslips how much you pay for childcare (if you want to claim for childcare costs) child benefit reference numbers for any children you have if you get child benefit - this can be found on letters to you about child benefit, it will start with 'CHB' and is made up of 8 numbers
  • and 2 letters, eg CHB12345678 AB - phone the Child Benefit Office on 0300 200 3100 (textphone 0300 200 3103) if you need help
  • You’ll need evidence for all these details for when you go to your interview, so you’ll need to gather all the documents together, eg landlord agreement (or a letter from them with your rent amount on it), payslips, bank statements etc.

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