Message From OurPower


January 2019

We have received the following statement from Our Power today.

Thank you for the support that has been shown over the last few days to the Our Power Team - it's truly appreciated. 

I am emailing to let you know that Ofgem has appointed Utilita as the supplier of last resort for Our Power Energy Supply Ltd customers.
Bill Bullen, Utilita’s CEO, has spoken with me this morning to say that he would like to see whether we might be able to preserve something of the operations as well as the void model and the membership approach.
From a tariff perspective, Utilita sits just below the price cap(s) and has a very strong focus on smart meters and prepayment.
Utilita will work closely with Secure Meters, whose meters we have been installing and have their own meter operator business.
We will be working with Utilita over the course of the coming days.  Customer accounts moved across to Utilita this morning and we will be working with Utilita on what communications will be going out to customers.
As soon as we have any more news, we will share this with you.

Best Wishes,


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