Clothes Bank Launch


January 2020

Following a feasibility study and a number of meetings with professionals from the Health Service, education and the local Food Bank, a team from Ythan Valley Rotary is progressing with creating a free clothing service. In the form of a Clothes Bank, clean clothes, which are in good condition, will be made available in “bespoke” clothes packs to those families, single people and groups who have found themselves in a situation where a set of good and clean clothes would help through a difficult time, whatever that may deemed to be.

The process for operating this service is simple. Those finding themselves in such need can access it referrers. Using the professionals as the channel for referrals, the Ythan Valley team will make up the clothing packs on request and ensure that they reach the professionals as quickly as possible. The professionals will disburse the clothes packs and the anonymity of all parties will be preserved.

The Clothes Bank Team is now calling on the good will of the local communities by asking people to contribute clean clothes, which are in good condition, to enable it to create clothes packs for those who come through the professionals’ referral system. Clothes to suit all ages, except baby clothes, shoes and school uniforms, will be welcome. 

A spokesperson for Ythan Valley said, “Apart from going a little way to maintaining people’s dignity through whatever crisis they may find themselves in, this service also offers the opportunity to recycle clothes. And because we are firmly supportive of the need to reduce plastics, we shall be using recyclable packaging whenever we can. And so we look forward to our local communities supporting us as we launch this service on the 20th January.

Referral can be made by either contacting your Housing Officer or Tenancy Sustainment Coordinator on 01224 548000.

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