New £1.5m Covid-19 fund to Support grocery colleagues in their time of need


April 2020

The GroceryAid Covid-19 Fund has been established to provide enhanced support for grocery colleagues during this unprecedented period. GroceryAid has raised a fund of £1.5m to ensure support will reach colleagues who need it. 

Crisis Grants
Our non-repayable grants are designed to help those struggling with exceptional hardship caused during Covid-19.

  • You are currently working in the grocery industry and have done so for one year or more
  • You are no longer working in the grocery industry, but previously worked in it for five years or more
  • Household net income and savings meet GroceryAid's financial criteria
  • The time worked doesn't have to be continuous and can be with multiple companies.

How to apply

Complete the application form online or if you would prefer to post or email download the application here

You will be asked to provide evidence of grocery employment and bank statements showing household income and expenditure

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