Welfare Rights Services

In 2016/17 we were able to assist 21 tenants with mandatory reconsiderations and benefit appeals which resulted in a financial gain of over £118,000 for these individuals.

Assistance can be provided to complete complex benefit forms and advice and help given to submit mandatory reconsiderations.

Osprey Housing offer a full representation service for their tenants for all Social Security Benefit Appeals including sanctions.

Our tenants will receive advice and assistance on all aspects of preparing their case and will also be accompanied by an adviser at their Tribunal hearing. A full written submission will be prepared in advance of the hearing.

Osprey Housing offer a benefit checking service to maximise income.

We can offer help with budgeting, including signposting to energy advice. Osprey Housing can make referrals for assistance from foodbanks and with fuel poverty issues.

For any of the above please contact Dawn Chalmers on 01224 548000 or 07787 258 489.