About Us

Our Vision

To make a difference every day

Our Mission

To provide high quality affordable housing and services to people in the communities we serve.

The Osprey Housing Group rebranded under its current name in September 2016. It was formerly the Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership Group comprising Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership (AHP) Moray Housing Partnership (MHP) and Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership Developments (AHPD).

Osprey Housing (then AHP) established in 1999 as a Housing Association. Osprey Housing (OH) entered into a constitutional arrangement with Osprey Housing Moray (then MHP) in 2013 when Osprey Housing Moray (OHM) became part of the Group. Both Osprey Housing and Osprey Housing Moray are registered social landlords with charitable status and Osprey Housing is the parent body.

Building on the achievements of recent years and strong reputations of Osprey Housing and Osprey Housing Moray the Osprey Group is working hard to position itself as a dynamic force in housing in North East Scotland. Our main aim is to provide high quality housing in the communities in which we operate that is both affordable and sustainable. We operate throughout Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City and Moray Council areas.

The Osprey Group also includes a subsidiary (Osprey Initiatives) which operates in a more commercial environment.

We are a committed to working closely with our tenants, being responsive; innovative and ambitious whilst remaining responsible and providing value for money in everything we do.

The Group owns and manages nearly 1800 properties. We focus on the delivery of affordable housing and aim to provide excellent homes and services that meet our tenant’s expectations, those of our future customers and those of other stakeholders. We provide a range of homes including general needs, specialist supported accommodation and mid-market tenures. We house a spectrum of those requiring housing including single people; families, homeless applicants; those moving for employment; those with specialist needs and older people.

As parent body the OH Board is responsible for overall Governance for the Group. However, each part of the Group has its own Governing Body to whom a single Group Chief Executive is accountable. In turn the CEO is supported by a single tier, experienced and dynamic Senior Management team.

With a staff complement of 34 the Group operates out of two offices, with its Headquarters based in Westhill, Aberdeenshire and Osprey Moray’s operational services principally based in Lossiemouth, Moray.