Our Performance

Osprey Housing (AHP) is committed to improving services and continually review our performance by setting ourselves Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

The Scottish Housing Regulator introduced The Scottish Social Housing Charter in 2013 and released a list of Charter Indicators for RSL’s. Part of the Charter is to keep our tenants informed with how we perform as a landlord.

This table concentrates on areas that we know are important to you.

OH 2015-16OH 2016-17 end of Q2
Rent Collection 100% 102.5%
Gross Rent Arrears 3.5% 3.0%
Average void relet days 15.1 Days 14.1 Days
% Void loss 0.3% 0.46%
Average length of time taken to complete emergency repairs 2.3 Hours 2.4 Hours
Average length of time taken to complete non-emergency repairs 7.8 Days 9.1 Days