Business Overview

Strategic Aims

Osprey Housing's Vision is supported by four Strategic Aims.

  •  To make our customers the focus of everything we do

  •  Provide more and better homes

  •  Be a stronger organisation

  •  Be a great place to work

The Core Values of the Group reflect the foundation from which we perform and conduct our business, and are the essence of the company’s culture and identity. Our Core Values provide a framework to achieve the Group’s aims and the approach which underpins what we do. These are:

Our Values

1. Ambition and Achievement – we are a high performing organisation delivering through innovation and challenge

2. Equality and Respect – we recognise and celebrate the unique value in everyone

3. Quality and Professionalism – we strive to deliver high standards

4. Agile and Responsive – we are flexible and quick to deal with change without diminishing our delivery