Your Neighbourhood

Neighbour disputes & ASB

  • Neighbour Disputes - There are occasions when disputes flare up between neighbours. If any problems arise you should, if you feel comfortable doing so, attempt to speak to your neighbour and settle the matter amicably. If you or any neighbours are experiencing problems that cannot be resolved you should consider contacting Police Scotland on 101 if it is appropriate in the first instance. Please also advise the Housing Management Team in writing, by telephone or call into the office.
  • Mediation - The Group can offer cases to our Mediation service, which helps tenants resolve disputes. Mediation may be suggested by yourself, your neighbour or your Housing Officer to reach better outcomes for all parties involved.
  • Anti-Social Behaviour - Anti-social behaviour is defined as behaviour by one household or an individual in an area, which threatens the physical or mental health or security of other households or individuals. It is important to remember that all tenants are responsible for their own behaviour and the behaviour of their visitors.We have a clearly defined policy and procedure for dealing with antisocial behaviour. If the anti-social behaviour includes a criminal act, this should also be reported to Police Scotland on 101. You can report the matter in writing, by telephone or by office visit to a member of the Housing Management Team. Each Local Authority also have an environmental Health department and an Anti-Social Behaviour Team which you can contact for advice.


Tenants who wish to keep any type of pet must seek permission from the Group prior to obtaining the pet. A permission request can be completed here or by calling our Customer Services Team. A maximum of two pets per household is stipulated by your Tenancy Agreement. We will not normally refuse permission, and will tell you about any terms and conditions that apply. We also reserve the right to refuse permission for some pets in certain locations, in particular flats that are accessed by a common stairwell. Tenants must not allow their pets to cause a nuisance to their neighbours or foul within the neighbourhood. Failure to adhere to this may result in permission to keep pets being revoked.

Running a Business From Your Home

If you wish to work from home, and could do so without disturbing your neighbours, permission may be granted and will be considered on an individual basis. For further information you should contact your Housing Officer.

Common Areas and Stair Cleaning

In some schemes, stair cleaning and open space maintenance is provided by contractors and charged through the service element of your monthly charges. Each tenant is responsible for contributing to the standards of the communal areas by ensuring repairs are reported and that the areas remain clean and tidy. This is an obligation of the Tenancy Agreement.


Maintaining the garden area of your home is your responsibility to ensure the property remains clean, tidy and safe. This refers to grass cutting, weeds, disposal of rubbish and driveway areas. If you do not adhere to your tenancy responsibilities to maintain your garden, our team may contact you to arrange to bring the area up to standard. Failure to do so may result in Osprey arranging for a contractor to do the work and the cost of this will be recharged to you.