Class 6: How we procure goods and services from external providers

Information about how we procure goods and services, and our contracts with external providers.

How we Produce Goods & Services from External ProvidersHow to access it
Information about our key service delivery contractors who carry out: Contracts
Responsive repairs Repairs
Landscape maintenance Landscape Maintenance
Planned/cyclical maintenance Planned Cyclical Maintenance
List of suppliers and contractors used by organisation(provided to staff
under our entitlements payments and benefits policy)
Information about regulated procurement contracts awarded
(value, scope, duration)
Contracts Awarded
Our Procurement
Procurement policy and procedures Procurement Policy
Information on how to tender for work and invitations to tender List
Register of contracts awarded which have gone, through formal tendering
including name of supplier, period of contract and value
Register Contracts
Links to procurement information we publish on public contracts
Scotland website
On Request
Framework agreements N/A

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