Looking for a Home

Applying for an Osprey Property

Osprey Housing provide affordable homes to rent to people throughout North East of Scotland. We currently have almost 1700 properties. For more information about our housing stock, house sizes and where they are, please see Our Homes

Osprey work in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council, Moray Council and Aberdeen City Council when letting their homes. Osprey do not have an individual waiting list and currently receive nominations from Aberdeenshire, Moray and Aberdeen City Councils respectively. If one of our properties becomes vacant, we will ask the Council to send us up to 3 applicants from their waiting list. We then interview and assess each applicant using our own points system. The person with the greatest housing need will be offered the property.  If you have any queries regarding your online application or require assistance please contact Aberdeenshire Council on 08456 081203 or Moray Council on 01343 543451.

In addition we do advertise some properties through Choice Based Letting. These properties are advertised via Osprey Initiatives website and social media.  If you are interested in being kept up to date with vacancies, please visit www.openingnewdoors.co.uk and then select ‘Register your interest’ to be added to our mailing list.

Alternatively you can speak with a member of our Customer Service team on 01224 548000 or 01343 543210.

If you are currently an Osprey tenant and would like to move to another Osprey property, please see our information on Internal Transfer and Mutual Exchange