Class 1: About Osprey Housing

Information about Osprey Housing Ltd, who we are, where to find us, how to contact us, how we are managed and our external relations.

Descriptions of Who We Are
Mission Statement Mission Statement
Vision Vision
Values Values
Corporate Objectives Corporate Objectives
Area(s) of operation Business Plan
Key activities; strategic/corporate plan(s) Business Plan
Business plan (or summary) Business Plan
Customer code/charter Customer code/charter
Location and opening arrangements
Address Address
Telephone number and e-mail address for general Enquiries
(and dedicated lines where appropriate)
Opening times Opening Times
local/area office contact details Contact Details
Contact details for making a complaint Complaints
Information relating to Freedom of Information
Publication Scheme & Guide for information Publication Scheme
Charging schedule for published information Charging Schedule
Contact details and advice on making an FOI Online - FOI Request
Freedom of information policies and procedures FOI Policy & Procedures
Charging schedule for environmental information provided in
response to requests made under EIRs
Guide to Information
About our Governing Body
Names/Professional biographical details Names/Professional biographical details
When they became a GBM When
When they became an office bearer Office bearer
Description of the Role of the Governing Body Schedule of Delegated Authority
Governance structure chart (including sub-committees and working groups) Governance Structure Chart
Remits for Governing Body and any sub-committees Schedule of Delegated Authority
How to become part of the governing body How to Become Governing Body
About our Staff
List of Staff List/Contact Details
Organisational structure Organisational structure
Governance Documents and Corporate Policies


Standing Orders Standing Orders
Membership policy Not Applicable
Code of conduct for staff Code of Conduct Staff
Code of conduct for Governing Body members Code of Conduct Governing Bodies
Entitlements payments and benefits policy (or equivalent, including arrangements for payments for expenses and subsistence Entitlements Payments & Benefits
Register of interests Register of Interests
Equality and Diversity Equality and Diversity Policy
Health and safety policy Health and Safety
Sustainability policy Sustainability Strategy
Relationship with Regulators
Engagement plan with Scottish housing regulator Engagement Plan
Assurance statement Assurance Statement
Annual return on Charter submission to SHR ARC Submission
Financial returns to SHR Accounts
Charter reports to tenants Charter Report
Internal and External audit arrangements Internal & External Audit
Group Details
Details of our subsidiaries/parent organisation Details of our Subsidiaries
Key Partnerships
Strategic agreements with other organisations Our Partners

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