Marconi Road, Fraserburgh

Marconi Road, Fraserburgh

updated news - 5 December 2008

New homes built by AHP for the 21st century are rising from the rubble of Marconi Road in Fraserburgh as part of a major revamp of the town.

Replacing the 95 blocks of flats which stood on the site for more than 50 years will be a mix of homes aimed at meeting a variety of local needs. These include:

  • 10 homes for people with particular requirements
  • 12 affordable homes for sale through the Homestake initiative
  • 46 homes for rent

AHP took over the old flats from Aberdeenshire Council at the end of last year. The blocks have already been demolished and work is under way on a new 'urban village' designed to take local people's needs and wishes into account.

The new homes will be centred around a 'village square' and the streets are being designed on Homezone principles which put pedestrians and cyclists first and allow residents of all ages and abilities to enjoy their open spaces. There will be ample play areas for younger children and a kick-about area, and the whole project has Grampian Police's approval for safety and security.

All the homes will be very energy efficient, meeting or exceeding Government targets.

There are also plans to restore a coastal pathway linking Fraserburgh's two main residential areas - Marconi Road in the west and Denmark Street in the east. The regeneration of Denmark Street by Langstane Housing Association is also under way and the two affordable homes projects are part of the multi-million pound Fraserburgh Masterplan scheme launched four years ago.

The AHP team is working closely with Aberdeenshire Council and Communities Scotland to ensure that the new Marconi Road will give Fraserburgh residents homes designed around their needs at a price they can afford.

Mike Scott said:
"Fraserburgh saw property prices rise faster than anywhere else in Scotland last year and while this is good news for some, it's less welcome news for many more. We are therefore delighted to be working with Aberdeenshire Council and Communities Scotland to provide new homes that people can afford - either by renting or by buying under the Homestake shared equity scheme."

"But the new Marconi Road project will do more than just replace what was there - this project has been designed after listening to the local people and taking on board what they want to see in their town."

"The result is a new 'village' which will put people first and is designed to bring residents closer together in a pedestrian-friendly community everyone can be proud of."

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