Deveron Road, Huntly

Deveron Road, Huntly

Quote from Press and Journal article on 12th June 2008:

Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership wants to build a large-scale, energy-efficient development on the outskirts of Huntly. It is looking to build 41 houses, 20 flats and a play area at Deveron Road near the cemetery on the western edge of the town.

Twelve will be available to buy under a shared ownership scheme and the rest will be rented out.

A number of the houses and flats will cater for people with specific needs, including physical disabilities.

The street layout has been designed to be "pedestrian friendly", with a network of path and cycle trails throughout.

Association chief executive Colin Hawkins said there was a desperate need for affordable housing at Huntly.

"There are 321 people currently on the waiting list at Huntly and there has been no new affordable developments in the town for over a decade, so there is a strong demand for this."

The town's community council said it welcomed the additional affordable housing.

Latest pictures of development as of 15 April 2009

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