Transfer of Engagements Update

February 2021

We are delighted to be able to advise that at the Osprey Housing Moray (OHM) Special General Meeting last night Shareholders voted unanimously in favour of supporting tenants wishes and moving to complete the Transfer of Engagements of OHM into Osprey Housing (OH).

The meeting last night was pivotal as the relevant law is strict on turnout of shareholders and the size of majority required to vote in favour. At least 50% of shareholders were required to participate either in person or by proxy and, of those, 75% were required to vote in favour of the resolution. We are pleased to say both were met with flying colours. 87% of Shareholders participated/voted either through personal attendance on the virtual platform meeting or by proxy which along with the unanimous vote in favour more than meets legislative requirements.

We now have one further Special General Meeting of shareholders on 18 February to confirm the Transfer. This is also required by law to finalise the process.

We are nearly there in what has been a long process but we want to update tenants on the current position. We are now fully focussed on getting the Transfer of Engagements completed to enable the merged single landlord entity to be effective from 1 April 2021.

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